How you enable your organization to collaborate is directly proportionate to efficiency of your business functions. The collaboration is more important if you are a Retail organization. There is a huge amount of communication, sharing of information and co-ordination required among head office, warehouse and the branches. Absence of a proper solution can lead to inefficient, paper based, resource consuming processes. You need to keep the branch staff’s morale high if you want them to serve your customers right.

Robosol’s Corporate Intranet team has a solution for Branch Management which enables you to communicate Corporate News & Information, delivery consistent and standard brand information. It allows the Staff at branch to access HR Documents, Policies, fill out time sheets, leave applications, expenses disbursement, report IT troubleshooting using the Branch Management System.

The system becomes a two way communication tool which enables you to reduce paper usage and redundant processes, enhance efficiency & collaboration and creates a foundation for overall growth.


  • Keep employees up-to-date on company news and information
  • Provide employees with timesaving tools
  • Reduce the amount of paper documentation
  • Create a more cohesive experience across the brands


  • Improves Efficiency among employees
  • Improves employee morale which results in better customer service
  • Enhances company wide collaboration
  • Provides Foundation for Future Growth
  • Extendable application