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Microsoft Dynamics ERP For Pharmaceutical Industry

The ever increasing competition and stringent norms laid down by government authorities means that there is an ever increasing need for a reliable and right ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry to streamline procurement, adhere to regulations, batch track raw materials, stock management, production and finished goods, Quality control, manage warehouse and supply chain.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav is a business management software to manage most of the above pharmaceutical requirements. Robosol has further built on Microsoft Dynamics Nav for Pharmaceutical to deliver specific needs of the Industry, Parallel Importers, Special Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers.

Buying & Stock Management

Buying Process

  • Identification of Viable and Profitable products from Europe
  • Multi-Currency / Country / Supplier Price Comparison
  • Management of Blanket Orders to Actual Promised Delivery
  • Tracking of Expected Delivery of Goods

Warehouse Management

  • Quality Checks for Receipt of Goods
  • Complete Process Coverage from Goods in to Goods out
  • Multi Location, Zone & Bin Management
  • Barcode Handheld Scanning Automation

Stock Management & Tracking

  • Batch Wise Tracking
  • Multi Location Stock Reports
  • Stock Planning Basis of Sales Orders & Trends


Production Bill of Material

  • BoM Setup with flexible Formula and combinations
  • BoM Approval System
  • Production Route / Steps setup

Batch Manufacturing Process

  • Batch Manufacturing Record
  • Production Planning
  • Raw Material Planning
  • Tracking of Goods at various stages of production

Product License Management

  • Storing of Licenses with Manufacture, ECMA Number,
  • Version etc details
  • Tracking of Application Process

Order Fulfilment

Multi-Channel Ordering

  • Systems for Telesales Operators
  • Online Ordering for Trade Customers
  • PMR integration Features

Customer Relationship Management

  • Tracking of Customer Interaction
  • Upsell / Cross-sell Opportunities

Order to Cash

  • Sales Order Management &Fulfilment
  • Delivery Planning
  • Credit Control

Financial Management

Management Accounting

  • P/L & Balance Sheet with Monthly, Yearly Comparison facility
  • Cost Centre Analysis
  • Budget Management

Receivables & Payable Management

  • Auto Reminders
  • Currency Exchange Planning

VAT, Intrastat

  • Ready Intrastat Reporting
  • VAT Setup & Reporting

Management Dashboard

  • Browser Based Reports
  • Real-time Data from Dynamics Nav

Key Performance Indicator Report

Top customers & Suppliers

New Business Generated

Top Products

Business Health – Bank, Creditors, Debtors & Stock

Key Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics Nav for Pharmaceutical Industry

  1. Solid Financial Management & ERP platform provided by Microsoft
  2. One system & Database for the entire organization
  3. No Duplication of Data across multiple systems and excel sheets
  4. Efficient Decision making with well informed departments
  5. Department wise Cost Control
  6. Ability to reach out to wider customer base