Robosol has worked with retail companies on various solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav as HO Solution

Microsoft Dynamics Nav provides retailers back office capabilities, like Warehouse Management, procurement and financials delivering full visibility across the entire business. These capabilities can be implemented as a comprehensive end-to-end solution or as individual business functions to complement existing technologies, allowing retailers to select the option that makes the most sense for them.

Dynamics Nav can be integrated to any POS solution and the store data can be integrated

Automatic Cash Allocation

Managing retail finance can be quite manual process. Robosol has worked on customisation where the daily sales information from POS system gets posted automatically to the nominal ledgers with store numbers. Banking data when received gets automatically allocated to the cashing information received from the stores thereby saving time for the accounting team and getting the reports out to the business faster

Corporate Intranet

How you enable your organization to collaborate is directly proportionate to efficiency of your business functions. The collaboration is more important if you are a Retail organization. There is a huge amount of communication, sharing of information and co-ordination required among head office, warehouse and the branches. Absence of a proper solution can lead to inefficient, paper based, resource consuming processes. You need to keep the branch staff’s morale high if you want them to serve your customers right.

Some of the features of the solution are

News & Events

Sharing corporate updates, news , events. Collaborative tool to get stores to like and comment on the news

Document Management

Sharing HR Policy, Health & Safety and any other with ability to version management the documents, obtain read receipts

Promotions Management

Sharing information about Promotions such as dates, affected products, POS display information.

POS Material Ordering

Ability for the HO to release information about POS material for various promotions and ability for the stores to order the material.

Store Performance Reporting

Daily, Week to Date, Month to date information about Stores Sales performance, its standing among the other stores.

Incentives Management

HO can setup incentives, stores can view the details and how they have performed

Top Selling Products List

Top Selling Products across the group, to give the stores the ability to see their own performance against the products

Incoming Deliveries

Information about deliveries made by the HO to the stores

Surveys & Polls

Ability for the HO to setup surveys, polls and stores to respond


  1. Efficiency in sharing information and processes
  2. Improvement in employee participation
  3. Visibility to Stores, Cluster Managers about Store Performance
  4. Upto Date information about Promotions, Events, News
  5. 5. Cost savings in Form handling