WMS and POS Software for Cash & Carry

Cash & Carry businesses operate in a fast-paced, competitive environment, where they need to efficiently manage their depots, warehouse operations, multi-channel sales, buying and distribution. Robosol has the experience of working with some of the leading companies by providing its POS, B2B Portal solution built on the modern Microsoft Dynamics platform. Microsoft Dynamics provides the operational functionalties required for Stock Management, Supply Chain, Finance.

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Robosol Cash & Carry POS

Robosol has worked with several Cash & Carry businesses implementing Point of Sale (EPOS) solutions to serve the walk-in customers. The EPOS requirements for Cash & Carry businesses are different from other retail businesses as Cash & Carry is essentially a business to business sale.

Robosol’s EPOS is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with ability to control Customer, Product and Price information centrally from head office. 

Some of the key sales modes available are :

  • Walk-in Customer with Account
  • Day Pass Customers
  • Call & Collect
  • Click and Collect
  • Click and Deliver

POS Features

General Features

Robosol POS is users friendly and can be used with touch screen as well handheld scanners. Every location can have multiple lanes with real time connection to the central cash office


Robosol POS can work is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It can also work without internet connection and sync with ERP when connection resumes

Cash Office

All the sales registered are pulled into Dynamics NAV / Business Central where there is a module for Central Cash Management to process payments against the invoices

Price Management

Users can setup Sales prices for cases, bundles, offers for multiple products, Bogof and several options to set up offers. Users can also setup special prices for customers

Microsoft Dynamics Features

Finance Managment

Dynamics 365 Business Central offers comprehensive financial management tools that can help Cash & Carry companies manage their finances effectively, reduce costs, and improve cash flow. They can also leverage advanced financial forecasting and planning features

Warehouse Management

Real-time inventory tracking, gain visibility into stock levels, reorder points, and order processing. Also use advanced inventory planning & forecasting features to optimize inventory levels, minimize stock outs, and reduce risk of overstocking

Purchase Management

Businesses can easily create and process PO's, track supplier performance & manage payments. They can also use advanced analytics & reporting features to gain insights into procurement trends, supplier behavior and cost savings

Multi-Channel Sales

Take orders on B2B Website, Phone or POS. Streamline sales processes, automate workflows & customer service. Manage customer accounts, track sales and leverage advanced analytics and reporting features to gain insights into sales trends & customer behavior
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