Pharma ERP Software Solution

A single software that covers all daily pharmacy routines promoting customer safety and satisfaction while adhering to all GXP’s and within the guidelines of Annexure II  

Our Pharmaceutical ERP system is a complete software solution built on LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. You can manage various types of prescriptions, handle drugs effectively and keep track of the levels of pharmaceutical stock across all stores. At the same time, you can also handle retail items (including pricing, replenishment, campaigns/promotions, loyalty, etc.), manage appointments and reservations, and finalise sales at the POS.
Pharmacist working in pharmacy

This means pharmacies can use just one software solution to manage all their product sales, from pharmaceuticals to health to beauty, as well as bookings within the same software solution. Thanks to the automations, you can standardise internal processes and increase efficiency.

Our pharmaceutical erp system is an international, modular solution which can be used in multiple countries.

LS Central for pharmacy is a modular solution.
Do you need a dispensing software with in-depth medication management? You can buy the pharmacy module on its own, without the ERP or retail part. Do you also need financials? Then you can add the Business Central ERP, and use it with the pharmacy module, as one solution.

Do you need retail functionality, with POS, item sales, offers, etc.? Then you can buy the full package.
Thanks to the modular design, all the separate components work seamlessly as a single unified commerce system, so you can manage your whole business – financials, dispensing, customers, retail and pharmaceutical items – all in one platform.

Do you have ambitious growth plans? That's great! The modular architecture enables you to upgrade and expand the system without a major upgrade project.

Digitalise Your Pharmacy Processes

Make your pharmacy a central point for your local community

Many pharmacies are still operating on outdated, rigid legacy systems that were developed 10-20 years ago and are slow to run, hard to update and have obsolete capabilities. Today, pharmacies need technology that helps them deliver great customer service, while at the same time satisfying complex legislations and regulations. But they are unable to move to more competitive technology because they are stuck in a vicious circle of reduced IT capabilities and growing costs as the outdated technology requires continuous investment to stay up and running. As the pharmacy’s accounts are drained by the constant expenditure, it gets harder and harder to write off the existing software investment and invest into new, modern and flexible solutions that are easily upgradable and meet the current and future needs of the digital pharmacy

The First Step

The question then is, how to establish a digital transformation program? An effective way to initiate this kind of program is to establish a reference group of internal subject matter experts. These experts can provide best valuable inputs when it comes to creating the user cases for future solutions

Breaking The Circle

If they want to still be around tomorrow, pharmacies need to make that call and start investing in new technology – sooner rather than later

Defining Goals And Benefits

Business processes in the pharmacy industry are comprehensive, critical and highly regulated. Many pharmacies that sell retail items also try to keep up with fast-moving trends in consumer behavior so they can satisfy new generations of shoppers who demand convenience and 24/7 shopping and services online

Digital Transformation

For management in pharmacies, some of the most challenging phases include defining future scenarios and planning a strategy for business development
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