What clients say

"We have worked with Robosol for the past 18 months and wanted to share our feedback on their support services. During this time, we have gone through several developments and customisations during which their team has shown great dedication and responsiveness in addressing our system support needs and are usually able to diagnose and resolve issues efficiently. Overall, my experience has been quite positive. Robosol has dedicated some skilled colleagues that are eager to assist and support us. When we encounter and report an issue, team are quick to acknowledge it and begin working on a resolution. Their ability to provide timely assistance has been greatly appreciated"
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Mirela Adamska | IT Business Coordinator
Wellsoffshore, www.wellsoffshore.co.uk
"Within our business sector, Robosol are known for their expertise, this was clearly shown during the requirement and implementation phases of our new system. The project, development and support team have been professional throughout and were able to deliver a working system tailored to our business needs.Dynamics has rehabilitated the way our business operates, with clear representation without the need for repetitive and time consumed tasks. We are happy with the continued services provided by Robosol and look forward to a long-term relationship."


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Umesh Patel, IT & Facilities Manager
Necessity Supplies Limited, www.nslgroup.co.uk
"I have used Robosol for a few years now. Reasons for selecting Robosol were clear to me – Can they deliver the project on time and within budget? Will I get instant support at critical times? Are any new development requests competitively priced after implementation? Answer was a clear YES. If I was to go back in time, I would still choose and recommend Robosol - Great Company to work with – Very Customer focused."
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Manjit Mudhar, IT Manager
EVTEC Aluminium Limited
"Prior to using Dynamics Nav / Business Central we were using two separate system to manage Web Integration, Orders, Accounting and Warehouse operations, which was leading to a lot of repetitive processes. After Dynamics implementation we have now one system that integrates with Amazon, Magento, Royal Mail & other couriers as well as works through order processing to cash, updates stock, assist cash"
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David Cole
"Robosol's implementation methodology was structured and comprehensive ensuring that all appropriate elements required for a successful selection process were considered and effectively executed. At the same time Robosol's cost and approach was flexible enough to take into account the specific characteristics of our business so that activities could be adjusted where needed to optimise examining the appropriate fit between our company and the new ERP systems being evaluated. While managing the process, Robosol's staff displayed a high level of professionalism and attention to detail"
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Julian Holt, Group OD
The Fragrance Shop
"From our experience Robosol have been very professional to work with and they are really good at resolving issues when they come up from time to time. There is definitely a lot of genuine sincerity about the way they treat their customers and I have experienced this first hand with their team. Whilst problems might occur, how they deal with these issues speaks volumes really about the way they run their company. I have always felt I could trust them and know they will get matter fixed no matter what. In a nutshell – these are what I describe in business as ‘the good guys’ "
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Mel Curtis, Director
"I’d like to personally thank you all at Robosol for all the good work to date. Your methods fit perfectly with how we work and we’re very happy with the service to date. I can see why I.T. companies base their expertise in India. You are a credit to your company, industry and nation."
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Andrew Rodwell, MD
Rodwell Engineering