ERP Implementation

Overview of ERP Implementation Services

Robosol has been implementing ERP and Software solutions for over 20 years. Our processes have evolved over a period to ensure a timely delivery of project within the cost estimate. We provide a complete set of services such from requirement gathering to development to training and deployment.

We use best in class tools and technologies such as Azure Devops, Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365 Project Operations to track various work streams on a project. These tools also help in collaborating with the customers teams and providing a regular update on the projects.  

Getting It Right The First Time

Robosol uses a combination of various software implementation methodologies such as Sure Step, Agile and Waterfall depending on the type of software project to develop and implement the system.

For Business Central implementation we always try to expose the end users to the capabilities of the system at the beginning and carry out a Gap Fit analysis where any gaps between the customer processes or requirements and Business Central are identified. The project team then configure or customise the software to meet the requirements. Usually in 2-3 iterations the gap between the requirements and Business central is filled therefore providing the customers with what they want.

Software Development and Testing

Robosol technical team follows the best coding practices and standards to write software codes as per the specification agreed upon with the customer. The code written is reviewed and tested by the technical team before passing it on to the functional team for testing.

A key component of our methodology is a rigorous approach to testing.  It provides core team members and end-users the opportunity to validate system functionality and get hands-on experience with the system. Robosol regards testing as a parallel process to development which will help the team work towards high-quality output and reduce the cycling back to requirements. We also use several guides and test scripts provided by Microsoft for testing.

User Testing & Training

During the deliver phase, the project team conducts User Acceptance Testing (UAT), as well as conducting end-user training and Executing cutover and transitions support to sustaining operations. Robosol recommends a Train-the-Trainer program for larger teams. Experience has proven that visible, active involvement of Super Users in the delivery of training is the key to an ultimately successful implementation. End-user understanding and support of the system are increased if training is delivered by people who will use the new tool(s) and will be accountable for their adoption while understanding the “nuances” of the business. The Train-the-Trainer program teaches the customers on how to efficiently train their peers and helps them get comfortable with the content and structure of the courses so that they can become effective Super Users, supporting the delivery of the training to a broad base of users.