Microsoft ERP Application

Overview of our ERP Software

When it comes to implementing ERP software, Robosol has a high proven track record of success. With over two decades of experience, our processes have been refined to ensure timely delivery of projects within budget estimates. Our broad range of services start from gathering requirements to development to training then to deployment.

We specialise in offering tailored Microsoft ERP software that meets the needs of businesses in eCommerce, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution. 

In today’s fast-paced business environment, using the right tools and technologies is crucial for success. At Robosol, we pride ourselves on using only the best tools and technologies, such as Azure Devops, Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Project Operations, to track various work streams on a project. Our Microsoft tools help us collaborate seamlessly with our customers teams and provide frequent updates on the progress of each project. As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Essex, our company gains access to a range of benefits, resources, and support from Microsoft. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, this enables us to deliver high quality solutions to our customers. 

Robosol Get It Right The First Time

To do this, we employ a combination of software implementation methods that are tailored to suit the specific needs of the project.

For Business Central implementation, we would take an approach that involves exposing the end users to the capabilities of the system right from the beginning. This helps to identify any gaps that exist between the customer’s requirements and what Business Central offers.

Once we have identified the gaps, our team then gets to work customising the Microsoft software to meet the customer’s specific needs. Usually, after 2 iterations, we can bridge the gap between the requirements and Business Central, delivering exactly what our customers want. This process works, and it’s something Robosol takes pride in.

Microsoft Software Development and Testing

Microsoft ERP software development and testing are essential aspects of any tech-based company. Our Tech team at Robosol will ensure that all software codes written are in line with the agreed specifications between the customer and the team. These codes are then reviewed and tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality before being passed on to the functional team for further testing.

Our team at Robosol, adherence to the best coding practices and standards is our highest priority, ensuring that clients receive the best possible outcome. Our tech team’s dedication to the software development and our testing process helps to guarantee that all clients needs are met, and their expectations always exceeded.  

As we take a very rigorous approach to testing, that means that we are able to validate system functionality and get hands-on experience with the system. Robosols approach allows us to ensure that our team members and the end-users have a solid understanding of the system and reduce the risk of any issues or problems arising during the development phase. By viewing testing as a parallel process to development, we can work towards a quality output and reduce the number of times we need to cycle back to requirements.

We will then ensure to revisit the several guides and test scripts that are provided by our Microsoft partner for testing. This will then ensure that we deliver only the best testing services to our clients.

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User Testing and Training

The success of any project ultimately rely on the users acceptance of the final output. During the delivery phase, it is essential to conduct User Acceptance Testing to ensure that every aspect of the system functions correctly and smoothly.

End-user training to executing cutover to transition support are critical elements that should not be overlooked.

We highly recommend a Train-the-Trainer program for  teams to ensure that the software implementation is a success. Experienced has shown that involving super-users in the delivery of training is crucial in the process’s overall success. By engaging with the new tool variations and being responsible for their adoption, can increase end-users understanding and support for the upgraded system.  

Our Train-the-Trainer program is an extremely powerful tool that will empower customers on how to efficiently train their peers. It also helps them to get comfortable with the content and structure of the courses. This program will also help to create a culture of self-sufficiency and shared knowledge, where everyone can contribute to the success of the organisation.

By getting customers comfortable with the content and the structure of these courses, the Train-the-Trainer program ensures that they are able to deliver to a broad base of training to users, making them extremely valuable super users in the process.