What is FMD

The European Falsified Medicines Directive [2011/62/EU] (commonly known as FMD) has been brought in to address the issue of falsified medicines entering the legitimate medicines supply chain across Europe. Under the Directive, all new packs of prescription medicines placed from February 2019 onwards will have to bear two safety features: a unique identifier (UI) in the form of a 2D data matrix (barcode) and an anti-tampering device (ATD).

Wholesalers & Retailers have to adhere to the regulation by scanning the 2D barcodes, verify and decommission from their respective national databases depending on the nature of transaction

Pharmatotal is FMD ready

Approved System supplier by SecureMed
Solution Development
Integration with NMVS
Base Line Testing with Avarto / SecureMed
Robosol Testing & Validation

PharmaTotal FMD Features

With over 15 years of experience within the Pharmaceutical sector we are able to ensure that we provide a robust and targeted FMD solution to not only comply with the regulation but also assist in enhancing efficiency

Ease of Use

Fast + Responsive User Interface with Retail PoS style screen to Scan 1D and 2D Barcodes. Touch screen enabled and works with wireless scanner

NMVS Integration

Real Time Point to Point Verification, Simple Verify + Decommission processes. Ability for users to setup transaction types with verification. Offline Mode

Bulk & Retail Verification

Unique Transaction Approach to FMD. Bulk Features for dealing with high volumes. Suitable for both Retail & Wholesale operations

Stand Alone or Integrated ERP

PharmaTotal FMD can be used as a stand alone system for FMD compliance or it can be used as a complete Stock & Accounts management system

Download FMD Brochure