Upgrade From Microsoft Dynamics NAV OR Microsoft Dynamics GP

Overview of Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics Nav (formerly known as Navision) software. Companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP can also migrate their system to Business Central. Robosol has many years of experience in helping businesses upgrade their systems to ensure companies benefit from the latest functionality released by Microsoft. An upgrade project is also an opportunity for businesses to assess what worked and what didnt in the current version of the software and eliminate any redundant customisations. Robosol upgrade issues include a range of data, customisation and cloud migration services to ensure continuity and enhancement of busines processes. Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is also likely to be the final upgrade activity that would be required to be undertaken by companies. Due to the solution being a SaaS service from Microsoft, users are always on the latest version of the system.  

Business Central Roadmap

Lift and shift- Migrate to Cloud As-Is

Lift and shift is a great option to move your system as is to the cloud and upgraded functionality onto the Dynamics 365 Business Central. This process ensures all of the customisations, custom data fields and data are migrated to the cloud. This is helpful if the business wants to move to the cloud platform and latest version but retain the current processes and data.


Using Upgrade as a Re-implementation

There are many new features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which were not available in previous version of Microsoft Dynamics Nav or GP. Its often a good idea to review the use of ERP in the older version and the possibilities in the new version. Its also an opportunity to cleanse the legacy data and import a fresh set of data into the new version for better reporting and performance. Robosol has done many upgrades whereby it has helped organisations in re-implementing the system with improvements. 

Download Dynamic Upgrade Brochure