Jet Reports

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Time is of the essence. If you’re struggling to consolidate data, customize reports and dashboards or make actionable decisions at a moment’s notice, now is the time to make a change. 

How Cash Flow Can Help You Weather the Storm

How BI Can Help to Better Manage Your Cash Flow

That’s where turnkey reporting and analytics built for Microsoft Dynamics can make all the difference. With Jet Reports and Jet Analytics, you can generate those detailed reports inside Excel in seconds, then drill down on the numbers to fully understand your cash position and plan accordingly

Adapt Dynamics Reporting with Jet

Both Jet Reports and Jet Analytics are quick to install, easy to use and built specifically to work with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Now is the time to extend your reporting capabilities and take advantage of significant savings with an Excel-integrated solution designed for self-service reporting and analytics without the need for technical expertise. A healthy, predictable cash flow is what you need to survive a turbulent economy and prosper