Optimising Operations through Business Central's Manufacturing Module

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers manufacturing by allowing seamless integration and efficient management of every facet of business operations and manufacturing processes. This comprehensive solution covers planning, scheduling, inventory, distribution and financial management, enabling companies to promptly adapt to evolving demands and deliver products to customers precisely when needed.

Business Central is ideal for manufacturers due to its capability to address industry-specific processes. The core features of Business Central manufacturing include a customisable, role-based dashboard, accessibility across web, mobile, tablet platforms and scalability to align with your business growth.

Our expertise in Bussiness Central along with our consultants having expertise in manufacturing implementations make us the natural choice to implement such projects successfully. 

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Key Modules within the Manufacturing Series

Production Orders

Efficiently create and manage production orders while posting consumption and output details to the corresponding orders.

Production Bill of Materials

The process of computing standard costs and crafting bills of materials becomes effortless. The integrated production BOM simplifies the tracking of input quantities based on dimensions and quantity, providing a user-friendly and efficient experience.

Version Management

Having various versions of invoices, bills of materials, routings and other essential documents stored in Business Central simplifies the manufacturer’s ability to closely monitor and track them.

Supply Planning

Strategically plan material requirements based on demand, supporting master production scheduling and material requirements planning.

Demand Forecasting

Plan and generate production and purchase orders by considering demand forecasts, available inventory levels and requirements planning parameters.

Inventory Forecasting

Utilises historical data to manage stock effectively, enabling timely responses to customer needs. The system generates replenishment requests based on forecasts.

Capacity Planning

Enhance the manufacturing process by adding capacities, setting up routings and utilising these routings in production orders and material requirements planning.

Capacity-Based Scheduling

Consider capacity constraints to ensure production unit are assigned tasks within their expected execution capabilities.

Machine Centers

Within the Business Central manufacturing module, machine centers are incorporated, providing businesses with the capability to digitally oversee the capacities of their machines.

Assembly Management

It streamlines the creation of a comprehensive bill of materials by effortlessly managing raw materials, resources, and sellable items. This process simplifies inventory management and speeds up item replenishment when needed.

The Transformative Impact of BC Manufacturing on Your Business

Decrease raw material inventory, shorten period closure, and reduce production run preparation time.
Increase production capacity without a corresponding rise in overhead costs.
Lower operating costs by replacing highly disparate systems with a unified platform.
Adjust production sequences automatically in response to changes in sales demand.
Enhance the utilization of raw material stock following each replanning.
Employ both static and dynamic master plans for agile forecasting and on-demand rescheduling.
Generate real-time bills of material and routes for sales and production variants.
Monitor ongoing activities to track actual costs and timelines.
Mitigate potential delays and cost overruns.
Implement just-in-time principles in warehouse operations to minimize stock holding costs.
Streamline and automate crucial decisions in purchasing, sales, and production.
Adjust, postpone, or consolidate purchase orders and out-work orders dynamically in response to changing demand.
Monitor real-time sales and manufacturing order statuses to ensure timely fulfillment of customer requirements.
Generate real-time bills of material and routes for sales and production variants.