March 31, 2020

Why an ERP system is critical to your website?

ERP Systems

Getting the right ERP system to bring together the financial systems and the warehouse with close integration to the website can bring a scalable platform for any business to grow as rapidly as the web technologies.

What do businesses think of an ERP ?

  1. Many businesses will often be hesitant looking at ERP systems as they can be seen as expensive and complex to introduce to the business.
  2. Usually there is either a legacy ERP system that was put in many years ago that are inflexible and outdated or a range of systems in use including Finance, Order Management, Warehouse management, Despatch and website integration with each department replicating work in each system.

Introducing an ERP – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  1. Dynamics business central from Microsoft is leading the way for a complete solution for any size company starting from a single user at £ 52 per month a cloud based managed system can be rapidly deployed.
  2. Business Central offers a flexible solution that can grow and adapt with the growing ecommerce marketplace.
  3. Dynamics paired with the Omni Channel extension from Robosol can also overcome some of the current issues with a fully integrated ERP and Ecommerce experience providing constant link between the business back office and the customer facing website.
  4. Integrating with any ecommerce platform along with courier companies can directly feed the customer with end-to-end visibility of order to pick – pack and despatch state.

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