December 7, 2023

Transport Management Module

Robosol’s Transport Management software module is a solution that helps businesses manage their deliveries of goods by automating and optimising the entire process while taking into account time constraints, customer restrictions, vehicle capabilities and route planning into consideration.

Main Features:
  • Planning & Optimisation: This feature helps optimise Routes & Schedules effectively reducing cost of fuel & time.
  • Route Assignment: This optimises delivery operations reducing transport cost, fuel consumption, vehicle wear & tear.
  • Vehicle Capacity Management: Optimises allocation of goods to vehicles depending on the size & weight of the packages thereby saving space and preventing overloading.
  • Integrated with Google Maps: Helps set real time data and makes it easy for tracking, efficient routing, optimise delivery window & multi-stop route planning.
  • Reports & Analytics: This is very useful for improving efficiency and evaluating the performance of the system


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